It’s a known fact that video has now become a necessary marketing tool for real estate agents.  Zillow has recently incorporated short video marketing for premier agents and more sites will soon follow that trend. 

At ZennaWolfe we recognize the ambition, initiative, drive, grit, ingenuity and entrepreneurship that separates a GREAT real estate professional from the tens of thousands of regular real estate agents across North America.

That’s exactly the reason we created this special niche within ZennaWolfe for brokers, agents and lenders.  Professional realtors, particularly those who have chosen to represent the best and the brightest, are part sales professional, part psychologist, part economist, and part business owner.  We recognize that one size definitely does NOT fit all when describing what you do.  You are a special breed unto yourself.  A ZennaWolfe Personal Film for Realtors™ gives you the opportunity to say on-camera, in your own words and in your own style, what your experience is, your credentials, the markets you serve, and what the unique advantage is in hiring you and your team including why you love what you do.

Like all of the other films produced at ZennaWolfe, your film will be directed by a Hollywood actor who has been trained in the ZennaWolfe Personal Film™ methodology.  Sure, you could go create your own video and maybe you already have, but is it going to look and feel like something that is of such high quality that it could be viewed on the big screen?  Your property owner clients expect the best from you and your ability to show your true self on film elevates you to THEIR high expectation level.  They WANT you to shine – it makes them feel better and more secure about their decision to choose you and not a competitor.

Your profession is calling - to help the right people find the right house.  A ZennaWolfe Personal Film for Realtors™ branded to your real estate market will help property owners help themselves by finding YOU.   

Most people search for property online.  How do they find an agent?  If they don’t have an existing relationship, they do it by looking at the picture of the agent and making a leap of judgment as to whether that realtor is trustworthy or not, pleasant or not, or even geared toward success or not!  Why not show them who you really are by speaking to them directly from your website and doing so in an authentic and compelling way after receiving the best possible guidance and direction from a working Hollywood actor?  The smartest realtors in the high-end market want their best asset, their personality, to shine.

Contact us at MediaSolutions@zennawolfe.com to learn more.