The ZennaWolfe Team is a collective of highly talented, creative and dedicated entertainment professionals who each possess tremendous passion for their craft.  They also have a ton of enthusiasm and expertise they share with business professionals who want to take their game to new heights.

We are the only company in the United States to offer video production along with performance coaching led by a team of working Hollywood actors. All accomplished. All terrific coaches and life mentors.  All wonderful people.

Click on the photos of our team below to view their Video Business Cards where you'll get to learn more about them.  

(More Actor-Coach and Production Team Video Business Cards coming soon!)

  • KATE ZENNA - Co-Founder, Partner & Head Actor-Coach

    Kate is our fearless leader who finds a way to make everyone feel comfortable on-camera. Some say she can work miracles and others say she's the most infectiously enthusiastic person they know. Visit Kate's IMDB and watch her reel here. Kate is a Canadian Academy Award-nominated actor and also the singer for electro-pop band Pointe Claire. She has worked with many of the entertainment industry's most recognizable stars including Timothy Hutton, Susan Sarandon, Matthew Modine, Rufus Sewell, Rob Lowe, Kerry Washington, Rob Morrow and Mena Suvari. Kate's broad talents have been seen in such film and TV productions as Oscar-winning Chicago, A&E's Nero Wolfe, Showtime's Queer as Folk and Street Time, ABC's Brothers and Sisters and CBS' Eleventh Hour as well as being the star of the made-for-TV movie Port Hope.
  • DAVID WOLFE - Co-Founder, Partner & CEO

    David has a knack for turning everything he touches into gold. He knows a great business venture when he sees it and as the first official ZennaWolfe client he wants to do everything in his power to bring this service to all who want it. David is the Executive Producer of the Emmy Award-winning documentaries Esparanza and Casa Hogar. He is also the Founder and President of Lupine Partners - a boutique software consulting firm based in Dallas, Texas. In addition, David is the author of three books -- 'Software and Vendors and Requirements, Oh My!', 'Lessons from the Technology Front Line', and 'Marching to the Beat of a Different Drummer'IMDB
  • ADRIANNE RICHARDS - Actor-Coach & Encouragement Dynamo

    A Great Canadian colleague of Kate's, Adrianne brings calm and assured wisdom and approach to her work as a coach. Adrianne is a natural shine expert and she enjoys sharing her life's lessons and on-camera secrets with anyone interested in learning. Adrianne's film and TV credits include ABC's Desperate Housewives, Lifetime's Circle of Friends, CBS's Friends with Better Lives, Chazz Palminteri's Noel where she worked with Susan Sarandon. Visit Adrianne's IMDB page and watch her acting reels here: ComedyDrama.
  • SHANE CONNOR - Actor-Coach & Authenticity Guru

    Australian coaching guru, Shane, brings to ZennaWolfe not just Aussie wit and charm but a wonderfully rough and tumble style of bringing out your powerful essence. It's his pleasure to see you sparkle and come to life and it's impossible to wriggle away from a day with Shane without feeling like you've wrestled a crocodile and won. Shane starred in over 300 episodes of the Australian hit show Neighbors as well as starring in TV series including City Homocide, Satisfaction and Dirt Game for Australian television. Visit Shane's IMDB page.
  • PATRICK GALLAGHER - Actor-Coach & Fun Expert

    Patrick is a very busy working actor so we are very happy when ZennaWolfe can borrow his unstoppable skills and talents to the benefit of our clients. Through his acting career, Patrick has learned that no matter whether he's opposite Ben Stiller or fighting off bad guys on network TV, the name of the game is to HAVE FUN. You probably recognize Patrick from his work in the Night at the Museum movies, Glee and the Oscar-winning film Sideways.  Learn more about Patrick: IMDB
  • TANYA NEWBOULD - Actor-Coach & Hospitality Authority

    Tanya brings a top-class business and acting approach to each of us and our clients at ZennaWolfe. Along with being a Meisner-trained actor, Tanya has worked on many film and TV productions. Tanya shares her passion for exceptional customer service by teaching clients not only how to shine on-camera but in every aspect of their life and work. After all, success is about proudly and enthusiastically serving others.  A few of Tanya's many film and TV credits include X-Men: The Last Stand, Skyline and Cyrus. Visit Tanya's IMDB page. 
  • INNA KOROBKINA - Style & Wardrobe Magician

    Inna is more than just a stunning Russian beauty and a leading film and TV actress who had roles in Transformers:  Dark of the Moon and Dawn of the Dead as well as starring in the TV series Cra$h and Burn. Inna is also a highly talented and dedicated style coach and fashionista. Years as a model and actor along with an innate talent for putting the right clothes on the right body, has given Inna major style authority. We love that no matter what we're doing, Inna will help us look sharp while doing it!  Visit Inna's IMDB page. 
  • ROB SALERNO - Editor & Creative Co-Conspiritor

    Rob is a man of many talents. Along with being a busy actor, Rob is part of the ZennaWolfe production team. With a keen eye for visuals, talent and story, Rob's contributions keep the ZennaWolfe productions running smoothly and the final products looking and feeling fabulous. VIsit Rob's IMDB page. 
  • STEVEN FADELLIN - Videographer & Editor (Video coming soon!)

    Steven's Video is coming soon! Steven is our rock star videographer, cinematographer, editor and director. With his keen eye for composition and lighting and story talent, Steven heads up our corporate movie productions. There's nothing more fun for us than to watch the magic that Steven creates from a couple of days of filming our clients and their companies.
  • CHELSEA HILLMAN - Hair and Makeup Artist & Beauty Confidente

    We know that there's a LOT more fun to be had on camera when Chelsea is in the house! Our Beauty Fairy makes sure that all of us and all of our clients look better than their best. Every secret you have is safe with Chelsea...what's happens in 'hair and makeup' stays with 'hair and makeup'!
  • AUDREY De LEON - Still Photographer Extraordinaire

    Audrey is our uber-talented still photographer. Also a working actor, Audrey has used her spare time as an actor to become one of Los Angeles' leading headshot and editorial photographers. ZennaWolfe clients often re-haul their websites while working with us and we always suggest that Audrey joins their shoots to capture everyone when they're shining their brightest. She'll find your best angle and give you a great new profile pic for your company and all your social media. Visit Audrey's IMDB page. 
  • ROB RUSSELL - 1st Assistant Camera, Assistant Editor & Best Boy (Video coming soon!)

    Rob's video will be here in a flash! Along with being a very talented stand-up comic, Rob is our amazing and intrepid 1st Camera Assistant and Assistant Editor. Every day feels brighter with Rob on a ZennaWolfe set.
  • MATT BOYD - Cinematographer and Editor

    Matt's extensive career as a cinematographer, director and editor allows us to offer the highest quality of production value to our clients.  Matt brings Hollywood level expertise, passion and a very creative eye to every ZennaWolfe video production.  Visit Matt's IMDB page. 
  • JOSH BERRY - Videographer and Editor

    Josh is one of our fabulously talented videographers and editors who makes sure that you are captured on film to your highest potential. With his varied and extensive experience behind-the-camera Josh knows, 'It's all about the lighting and a great angle.'