ZENNAWOLFE offers on-camera training for people and companies who know the power and value of video in today's marketplace.  Our clients are job-seekers, recent college graduates, finance-seeking entrepreneurs, medical professionals and consulting firms large and small who know how critical it is to be well-presented, natural, personable and compelling when representing their professional interests. What our clients also know, is that 'on-camera' training extends into the boardroom and pitch-sessions, in business meetings and interviews and general management and leadership.  

No one can know how they come across until they see themselves nervous, uncomfortable and stressed on-camera. 

ZENNAWOLFE ON-CAMERA TRAINING is unique because our 'trainers' are actual, working Hollywood actors. Our ACTOR-COACHES are passionate about their own career and also about making each and every ZENNAWOLFE client 'shine' their brightest.  They have built a career around their learned skills of not only being 'comfortable' in stressful and nerve-wracking situations, but thriving in those hot seats. 

'Shining your brightest' goes hand-in-hand with being 'authentic' and honestly enthusiastic.  Our training offers you tools and techniques to ignite YOUR unique essence.  No single coaching session is the same because no single person is the same. The ZENNAWOLFE ACTOR-COACHES know this truth intimately, they've made careers out of honing and honoring their 'star' quality. 

The ZENNAWOLFE coaching process is FUN and it's EFFECTIVE.  Not only will your day in the studio be something you remember for a long, long time, but the effects of the training can immediately be applied to your overall life and work - it's not only for on-camera moments.  

ZENNAWOLFE ON-CAMERA TRAINING is available for individuals, company staff and executives and also as an addition to any of our video production services. Contact us to learn more about how we can make YOU and YOUR TEAM shine.