Do you employ real actors or are the ZennaWolfe Actor-Coaches really just ‘performance coaches’?

We understand the question and know what you are inferring…Every single one of the ZennaWolfe Coaches are currently working actors on network TV, film and/or national commercials. Does that mean they are on a movie or TV set while they work with you?  Well, no – that’s how they can come work with you.  But they are actively auditioning and often shooting on a set somewhere. During their time off-set, they are constantly training to improve their performance and constantly audition for the next role.  Yes, there are people who hold themselves out as ‘performance coaches’ and many of them are good at what they do and work hard at their craft, but it’s a different craft than the one our coaches work at. CLICK HERE to watch a montage of some of the ZennaWolfe Coaches – you’ll see what we mean.


I am scared to death to be in front of the camera - am I hopeless?

The quick answer is 'No'. Consider this: were you afraid to drive a car for the first time when you were taking driver's education?  If you are honest, the answer to that question is 'Yes'. Are you nervous now?  Answer: ‘Of course not’, you just get in the car and drive. Why? Because you learned the skills and you repeat them every day. It's the same thing here.  Most people have not been trained on how to talk to a camera or in the remote vicinity of a camera. It's not a natural thing...until it is. 


Where are your production facilities?

Our film studios are located in Los Angeles, Dallas and Toronto. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and are able to handle any video project you can think up. 


Do you use a green screen?

We can shoot you in front of green screen or blue screen so that the background of your choice can be digitally entered behind you.  We also do a lot of work in a white studio. 


What is a Video Business Card?

Video Business Cards are short personal and professional films starring YOU.  They can be from 15sec - 90sec in length and their purpose is to engage your prospective clients/employers/partners.  Since video is so easily accessible, having the ability to introduce yourself 'in-person' gives you a significant competitive advantage.  Watch the ZennaWolfe Team Video Business Cards to get a feel for how powerful this new marketing tool can be. 


What happens during a typical ‘Video Business Card Shoot'? What is 'the process'? What do you do and how does it all work?

To start, you and you ZennaWolfe Actor-Coach are just going to talk.  Your coach will want to get to know you and find out how comfortable you are in front of and around a camera. If you have doubts or phobias (and by the way most people do...) we will address some of them right then and there. In advance you will create a script of questions and answers that you want to cover. In any event, you will need to come prepared with what you want the content of your video to be.  We can help you write questions that will inspire great answers. 

Then we'll do our first take - just asking you questions that already know the answers to. And we'll tell you in advance that it probably won't be your best take. (Here is some insider info: It usually isn't for the pros either - hardly anybody gets it right the first time.). We will play back the recording and from there your coach will begin to work with you to bring out the essence of you - your Authentic-Self. Each time you get in front of the camera you will be more comfortable and the best ‘you’ will begin to shine brighter and brighter. Back and forth we will go with you recording while your coach cheers you on. When we are finished, several things will have happened: One, you will soon have a terrific video to put on your company website. It will be something you are proud of. Two, and more importantly, you will now have the confidence to move forward with working in front of a camera for the rest of your life.  You’ll always be improving of course, but you will be much more comfortable with the process. That is what makes it so fulfilling for the ZennaWolfe team - watching the transformation of you. All in one day.


How should I dress for the session?

However you are most comfortable. Make sure that it is congruent with how you want yourself seen on the internet as a representative for your business and make sure that it is 'you'.  And we respectfully ask that you refrain from using synthetic fragrances like cologne, perfume, hairspray, aftershave etc. as you will be working closely with the ZennaWolfe team all day. 


How is hair and makeup handled? Do you take care of that or is that something I have to do?

We've got your beauty needs covered. There will be a professional film & TV hair and makeup person on set during the entire video shoot. All you have to do is show up with a positive attitude (and clean hair and face!) and be ready to learn and have some fun.  Oh, and on that note, we ask that our clients refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes or products with heavy fragrances while on set. 


I am an introverted person with no in-front-of-the-camera skills. How will you help me?

Truth be told, Kate Zenna is an introvert as well (that's how good of an actress she is...wouldn't know it would you?). Think of it this way - you talk to people all day long and get along just fine. People like you and interact with you.  You are, most likely, very successful.  All we are going to teach you is how to do that exact same thing in front of the camera.  There is no inherent disadvantage in being introverted or even being slightly shy.  So, yes we can help you.


Do I have a say into which ZennaWolfe Actor-Coach I get to work with? If not, what is your process for assigning one?

No, you don’t have a say.  All of our Actor-Coaches have prior experience as on-camera coaches and also go through our training program to ensure they will be strong, inspiring and effective coaches for you and your team. 

It’s part of our job to get the ‘best fitting' ZennaWolfe Actor-Coach for you. Once we have reviewed your Confidential Client Discovery Profile we will get a better idea of who you would work best with.  And to be completely honest, sometimes this choice is going to be determined by who is available due to the crazy scheduling world in which our actors live.  We promise you this though:  You are going to love your coach.  You are going to start following them after your session because you are going to feel like you are friends with them. (Which by the way you will be – they are AMAZING people.)  Don’t worry about who your coach is going to be – just know that you will receive the finest performance and authenticity coaching around.  Promise.


Why is a '30 Second Video Business Card' video better than just a regular web resume? Why should I be different?

Why be different?  To be different!  To get noticed...to have a prospective purchaser of your product get to see you for who you really are.  To show Your Authentic Self - the YOU that people LOVE. People buy for emotional reasons and at the top of the list is TRUST.  You cannot communicate trust through the written word. We will bring out the real you in your video.  CLICK HERE to watch these client Video Business Cards. 


Do you provide 'head shots' or still photography as well? 

Yes, we will make sure that your day includes having some head shots taken which you can use on your website as well.  Our Still Photographers are exceptional and work in the same way as our Actor-Coaches, making sure that the best you comes across in your photos. 


How much does it cost for Video Business Cards and a Corporate Movie? 

Our costs vary widely because of the variables that include how many video business cards you want produced, how long you want your corporate movie to be and how complex the 'shot list' is for that movie.  The best thing to do is to contact us, tell us about what you're hoping to accomplish and we'll go from there.  


What would you say your mission is?

The ZennaWolfe Actor-Coaches are shining stars in how they pursue their dreams – in how they experience life and in how they share what they’ve learned along the way.  The ZennaWolfe Clients are also stars – in the risks they take to better their businesses (and along the way employing people and building the economy), the strengthening of their leadership skills, and their unabashed pursuit of their personal and business goals.  Our mission is to connect our actors – who we believe are some of the bravest people in the world – with people like you who are also ‘going for it’.  Our mission is also to show you how to be your own beautiful self on camera and in life so that you may enrich the lives of others while enjoying a most fulfilling experience on this planet.  Oh, and our mission is also to make sure you enjoy a boat load of fun in the process!


Will I have to memorize lines? Do you have a technique for doing that?

You can choose to memorize lines but we have found it better and more authentic to use cue cards and even better to simply answer questions you have pre-answered. There can be a fair amount of stress around trying to memorize which may add to you being stiff in front of the camera...One of the things we will teach you is how to use the cue cards as a pause point to think about what you are going to say next if you absolutely need to use them. We’ll also teach you a memorizing technique you can use going forward.  Yes we also can help you work with a teleprompter if that is your tool of choice but we think that our style of Video Business Card is the most effective and you never have to memorize to be great. 


Why would a working actor want to work with me? What is in it for them?

To put it in stark terms – this is a great money generating activity for them while they continue to pursue their career which is fraught with uncertainty. Hollywood is an extraordinarily difficult place to make a living because talent and experience do not preclude steady work flow.  Many actors work second jobs to make ends meet and many more are unable to hold a second job with their unpredictable work schedule. They LOVE working at ZennaWolfe because they get to teach people like you some of what they do for a living and they get to WORK. You’ll see that coaching is a TWO PERSON experience and both the coach and the student are deeply enhanced from the experience.  It's a passion play all the way around.


Do you have a relationship with any hotels near the productions tie that offer a ZennaWolfe discount?

We do. We will be able to get you a ZennaWolfe reduced rate. 


The whole ZennaWolfe experience seems like a lot of work to me - what is the return on my time and financial investment?

It's not THAT much work unless you have to travel. Our studios are located in Dallas, Los Angeles and Toronto.  If you are in this area and your shoot is set for 8am, you will be leaving to return to your office by 12:30 (depending on the amount of video content you are shooting, of course!)  All you have to do is show up and be open to the extraordinary teachings of the ZennaWolfe Actor-Coaches

As far as return on investment goes - well that is a tough thing to measure.  Here's another way to think about your investment with ZennaWolfe: How much are you willing to spend to get a customer? What is the lifetime value of a customer to you?  Just about everybody starts an ‘expenditure project’ by going out to Google and doing a search.  Let's say somebody lands on your 'home page' and there you are confidently speaking on-camera - being your terrific, impressive-self, an interesting and unique person - because you've been trained to be your terrific, impressive-self. How much is that worth to you?


What are the benefits to me if I am a ZennaWolfe Client and my competitors aren't?

It's as simple as this - through your online videos, your prospects and clients will feel like they 'know' you.  So much comes across when you are face to face and in-person...and our videos do just that. They allow you to be liked more readily and also to be authoritative should that tone need be there.  They are produced with the highest quality of editing, sound and color correction. Having your true, authentic-self emerge because you have received specialized knowledge from working actors, will be a life-changing economic event for you and you'll have a piece of professionally-produced film starring YOU forever.