Companies and services put themselves in a stronger position to reach their audience when they have a well produced Company Movie on their website.  Engaging your website visitors (aka potential customers) with interesting and informative video content is the most powerful new marketing tool. You want to encourage your audience to become comfortable and familiar with you and your company.  You want them to like and trust your company and service.  What better way than to learn your story, meet your team and feel pride alongside you?


We work with clients to produce a company movie that tells the story they want to tell.  Whether a client wants a movie that introduces their services and their team or a movie that shares the social impact their venture has on the world, we produce and effective tool for them to reach new goals - all while coaching every contributor's on-camera performance.  Here are a few elements that clients often express in their company movie: 

  • their 'origin' story
  • some client testimonials
  • the company's community involvement & contributions
  • the passion of employees and founders
  • the goals and mission of the company
  • the office, plant, facility, factory in action

The Company Movie production shoots vary in duration - usually 1-2 days - depending on the final length and detail of your film.  We engage in extensive pre-production discussion with you to clearly understand your goals, your company's mission and products and identify your competitive advantage. During the actual filming of the corporate movie, each person appearing on-camera will receive one-on-one attention and coaching from one of our Actor-Coaches to make sure they shine and communicate their message with power, authenticity and maximum effectiveness.  Our Actor-Coaches will make you and your team shine on-camera by tapping into what honestly ignites each person. This is the key to fostering trust with your audience. 

From beginning to end, the proccess is usually a 4 week project depending on the intricacy of the production.  Although we strive to turn around our films as quickly as possible we know it's worth taking the time to ensure the most powerful and effective movie is produced. Music, editing and all the finishing touches are very important to create a final product that will illicit an emotional reaction from your audience.  

The actual shooting of the movie is always a lot of fun for you and your team.  Watch the ZennaWolfe Company Movie below we know you will see how much fun we had making ours!  We look forward to seeing you in the studio!



Our Company Movie Posters are a great way to show your appreciation to your team for their participation in your company movie production. Our professional Hollywood poster artists create an authentic and fitting movie poster that, in turn, gives your team the opportunity to 'star' in a film. Want to be the 'Executive Producer'? Just let us know!

These posters are able to be formatted into holiday cards, newsletter photos and any other promotional material you can dream up. And of course you can use them to decorate a red-carpet Company Movie premiere event!