ZENNAWOLFE MEDIA SOLUTIONS was born out of Hollywood Actor Kate Zenna's passion and talent for on-camera coaching and the dire needs of her friend, business partner and software consulting guru, David Wolfe, whose online videos needed help - BIG TIME. 



For years, David Wolfe had struggled in front of the camera. Despite this fact, and out of pure business necessity, he continued to publish video content for the benefit of his software consulting firm, Lupine Partners.  When Kate saw the state of these videos she demanded that David allow her to 'take a crack at him', believing that she could make him shine on-camera.  After one studio session, David was transformed.  Not only did he gain training that had a permanent effect on him, he learned that he had facial gestures that were unflattering, unnecessary, disempowering and most importantly - inauthentic. The session was so life-changing for David that he convinced Kate to help him find a way to bring this gift to more people like him - people who wanted to improve their on-camera and presentation skills and who were willing to do whatever it took to do so. 

David and Kate soon realized that not only were there many professionals who were interested but there were also many working actors like Kate who wanted to help others and had lots of 'down' time between film roles.  Kate's actor colleagues have spent their careers learning how to be comfortable in front of the camera and the unpredictable nature of the entertainment industry offers them time to share their expertise with others. We decided to play Matchmaker and bring both sides together - because we realized that they needed each other. 

ZennaWolfe Actor-Coaches are shining stars in how they pursue their dreams – in how they experience life and in how they share what they’ve learned along the way.  ZennaWolfe Clients are also stars – in the risks they take to better their businesses and themselves, their commitment to strengthening their leadership skills, and their unabashed pursuit of their highest personal and business goals.  

Together with a team of seasoned film production professionals and talented Actor-Coaches, ZennaWolfe Media Solutions is able to offer the most unique and effective corporate video production services.  Learn more about our Video Business Cards and Company Movies


  • KATE ZENNA - Co-Founder, Partner & Head Actor-Coach

    Meet Kate in her Video Business Card and learn how she may be the one to teach YOU how to shine brighter on-camera.
  • ZENNAWOLFE COMPANY MOVIE - A Posse of Shine Experts!

    Watch our corporate movie and learn about our process and how all this came to be. We're serious about making you shine!
  • DAVID WOLFE - Co-Founder, Partner & CEO

    Meet David in his Video Business Card and learn how much happier he is now that he's learned how to shine on-camera.